PoliSci Courses Still Open for Fall

There are still seats available for fall semester in the following PoliSci courses.

Hurry before they fill up!

Course Number Course Title
100 Gender, Power &Pol in Lat Amer
103 Intro-Internatl Relations
104 Intro-Amer Politcs&Governmt
184 Intro to American Politics
186 Politics Around World-Honors
201 Spec Topics in Poli Sci
209 Intro to Political Theory
219 Intro to Public Policy
244 SE Asia:Vietnam to Philipns
255 Intro East Asian Civilizations
277 Africa: Introductory Survey
346 China in World Politics
362 African Intl Relations
400 Amer Democratic Forum Fellows
401 Political Economy of Develop
401 Global Governance
414 Supreme Ct as Pol Instit
422 Latino History and Politics
428 Cmmnty Power&Grass Roots Pol
452 Criminal Law and Justice
601 Eye to Eye: Cuban Missile Cris
601 Pol of Global Financial Relat
616 Comparative Politics of Sport
617 Comparatv Legal Institutns
630 Latin-American Politics
633 Russian Politics
667 Poli Sci Contentious Politics

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