Wisconsin Undergraduate Poli Sci Journal Recruiting Submissions

Sifting & Winnowing: the Wisconsin Undergraduate Polisci Journal is currently recruiting submissions. They are looking for pieces that are relevant to topics in law, political science or public policy. Submissions are welcome from students of all grades and majors.

Please submit all pieces in a double-spaced format, Microsoft Word .doc format. If possible, please follow the Chicago style and include endnotes, as well as works cited section. Sifting and Winnowing prefers pieces within the range of 8 to 30 pages.

Please email questions and submissions to sifting@polisci.wisc.edu. In the body of the email, please include the following information: Your name, academic majors, and graduation date, piece title, topic, and a short summary.

Wisconsin International Review

The Wisconsin International Review, a student-run, student-driven online magazine and registered student organization, has recently published the second episode of their podcast, TheWIReCast. The podcast is a discussion of Brexit and its causes and consequences. Click here to view the podcast. All students are welcome to submit their work and join the Wisconsin International Review team as writers or contributors. They are always looking for fresh ideas and perspectives on trending and under-reported international topics.

Yale Undergraduate Journal of Economics and Politics

The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Economics and Politics, is a new interdisciplinary publication from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  They publish articles related to economics and political science, and seek submissions from academics, professionals and students from around the world. The editorial board is currently in the process of soliciting pieces for the inaugural edition, to be released in November of this year. Continue reading

How Being a High Achiever Might be Holding You Back

Last week, we shared with you the implications of being “too busy”. This article, “How Being a High Achiever Might be Holding you Back” by UW-Madison senior Sai Suraj Kandukuri. Ask yourself: Are you focused on too many things? Do you constantly feel as if you’re fighting to multi-task more than you think is reasonable? Sai shares his insights and offers valuable strategies to combat stress and maintain high achievement! Continue reading