Intern with State Rep. Crowley

The office for State Rep. Crowley is currently seeking motivated interns for the upcoming (Summer) semester. Interns will assist our capitol office by entering data, answering phones, conducting legislative research in a variety of policy specific areas, becoming familiar with and analyzing legislative proposals and monitoring the day-to-day issues affecting Wisconsin. Strong writing skills, the ability to analyze, and knowledge of progressive issues are required. Rep. Crowley is serving his first term as an elected official and because of this the coming months will be both challenging and exciting. The office seeks individuals with a strong commitment to public service, helping others, and making Wisconsin a better place for all who call it home. Hours are flexible – please call the office (608-266-5580) if you have any questions. If interested please fill out the application form, and send a resume, cover letter, and 1-2 page writing sample with the completed form to Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. This is not a paid internship.

Application: Intern for the Office of Rep. David Crowley application (1)

Job Opportunity

The Tommy G Thompson Center for Public Leadership is hosting a bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform conference April 26th and 27th at the Monona Terrace and need students help! The center is looking for Political Science students who would like to help manage the registration table, check in, hand outpackets/information and answer questions as needed. The conference will include a wide variety of bipartisan guest speakers and academics to lead panels as wel as esteemed individuals and policy makers. 

The pay is $12.00/hour, and the time slots are as follows:

  • 8-11 (4 people)
  • 11-3 (2 people)
  • 3-6:45 (3 people)

If you’re interested and would like more information click here. If you want to sign up for a time slot send an email to Olivia .

The Morgridge Center for Public Service is Now Hiring

Looking for an on-campus, paid internship starting next fall? The Morgridge Center for Public Service is hiring the following positions for the 2018-19 academic year:

  • Badger Volunteers Community Development Intern
  • Badger Volunteers Educational Programming Intern
  • Badger Volunteers Media Intern
  • Community-Based Learning Intern
  • Marketing and Communications Intern
  • Operations Intern
  • Peer Advising Intern
  • Social Media Intern
  • Special Events Intern
  • Transportation Intern

Internships require a commitment of 10 hours per week and pay $10.25 per hour. The deadline for all applications is March 18.

2018 Summer Research Program in Turkey

My name is Caysie Myers and I am a program officer at Turkish Heritage Organization, a non-profit for U.S.-Turkey relations in Washington D.C. We have established a new, short-term research program to Turkey. This program is aimed towards students and young scholars from various academic backgrounds that wish to learn and conduct research on the humanitarian crisis and refugee response in Turkey. A full description of the program is available on our website, along with the application form (
I would like to extend this opportunity to the students of the University of Wisconsin, especially those within the Department of Political ScienceAttached is a promotional flyer for distribution, which includes the link to the website and my contact information. 
I would like to note that this program is all expense paid by THO – all qualified individuals interested in the program are encouraged to apply, regardless of economic background. Applications are due on March 19. 


Internship opportunities at the European Parliament in Washington and Brussels

The European Parliament Liaison Office with the US Congress (EPLO) is pleased to announce the launch of its next round of internships aimed at US graduates.Around four interns will be accepted in our Washington DC office from May 1st-July 31st, 2018, with an option to extend the internship for a further two months in the fall at our headquarters in Brussels. We require a CV in Europass format, a personal statement and two letters of recommendation directly sent by faculty members. The deadline to apply is March 15th.
Our internship represents a unique opportunity for students and young professionals with an interest in transatlantic policy. I would be very grateful if you could pass this information on to your relevant student and alumni networks.
Further details are available on our website:


Keith Whittington: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech

Free speech is under attack at colleges and universities today, with critics on and off campus challenging the value of open inquiry and freewheeling intellectual debate. On April 20th from 4-6 p.m., in Grainger room 2335, Kieth Whittingham will be speaking about free speech in schools. In Speak Freely, Keith Whittington argues that universities must protect and encourage free speech because vigorous free speech is the lifeblood of the university. Without free speech, a university cannot fulfill its most basic, fundamental, and essential purposes, including fostering freedom of thought, ideological diversity, and tolerance. On April 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m there will be a panel discussing free speech.

SuccessWorks Summer Internship Scholarships

SuccessWorks Summer Internship Scholarships
Awards range from $1000 – $5000 and are made possible through the generous donations of the Henderson-Reznick, Shinners, Picus, and Weil families.
Applications are due on March 31, 2018. Students may apply through their Scholarships@UW-Madison page.
  • L&S undergraduate student
    • Student must be seeking an L&S degree (primary major is the College of Letters & Science)
    • If you are unsure of your degree, login to your Student Center and click the My Academics tab.
  • Overall GPA is 2.5 or above
  • Have applied to or secured an internship
  • Internship must be 10 hours/week, 6 weeks minimum; cannot be for internship post-graduation
  • Must be returning to complete at least one semester at UW-Madison after the internship experience
Preference given to students completing unpaid internships, or those who would not be able to participate in the internship without financial support. Students who are underrepresented in their school, major, and/or industry will also be prioritized.

Spring 18 Internship Funding Flyer

Spring 2018 SuccessWorks Quartersheet

Breaking into Careers & Internships in Politics and Policy

From 12-1pm we will host a Coffee Chat (an informal discussion with a topic) with Marie Koko from SuccessWorks & David Wright-Racette from theLaFollette School of Public Affairs about Breaking into Careers & Internships in Politics and Policy.  Are you curious about interning at the capitol here or in Washington DC?  Have you heard the term “think tank” are really unclear about what that is or what one does there?  Have you said to someone “I want to work in policy!” but not been able to articulate exactly what that means or where you might do that?  If so, JOIN US! This is an informal chat (no power point!) and you are welcome to bring your lunch.

Democracy Summer Fellowship Application Open

THE DEMOCRACY SUMMER FELLOWSHIP immerses college and high school students in the history of progressive change, trains them in the skills and  issues critical to grass roots organizing, and deploys them in key Congressional campaigns on behalf of Democratic candidates to win back the House and reclaim progressive leadership at every level of government.

Democracy Summer is a formalized political fellowship experience with a comprehensive structure and a beginning, middle and end, including a graduation certificate ceremony.  But the relationships participants form are are deep and enduring.

While benefiting from the students’ idealism and energy, the program invests in their intellectual growth and the development of their political skills.  

Democracy Summer consists of an interactive curriculum on public policy issues and the history of progressive Democratic politics; daily guest speakers on policy issues and practical political campaign organizing and strategy; structured campaign organizing projects and deployments; and a mix of popular social and political events.  Fellows are not paid but they receive a first-class political education, grow a network of friends and compatriots, can request recommendation letters for college or graduate school upon completion and get a free lunch most days of the week (and sometimes dinner!).  Scholarships are made available for young people who would not otherwise be able to participate. 

Democracy Summer 2018 will operate in at least six geographic centers (DC/MD/VA; Philadelphia suburbs; New Jersey; Charlottesville, VA; Des Moines IA;Twin Cities, MN and Wisconsin). Each center will run two consecutive six-week sessions, with 30-40 Fellows in each session. Fellows choose one session. Fellows are in programming and/or deployed a total of approximately 35 hours per week.

Fellows will receive practical training in all of the key skills of political organizing and democratic campaigning. They will participate in readings and discussions with leading policy experts, progressive leaders, and organizers. Each six-week session will explore a range of issue areas, such as climate change, reproductive freedom, tax policy, immigration and refugee policy, redistricting and gerrymandering, and voting rights and the spread of voter suppression tactics.  Fellows will devote at least 50% of a 35 hour work week to direct electoral work including but not limited to phone-banking, canvasing, donor research and campaign research.

Sound exciting?  The political experience you’ve been looking for? APPLY NOW!

For more information visit  or email us at